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business accounting services

The financial health of your business is an ongoing challenge you must deal with every day. We are practitioners who understand the pressures facing businesses today and we are here to help with support, objectivity and the expertise businesses need to succeed. We work with clients in several different ways via traditional desktop software, such as Quickbooks, or through a cloud-based platform.

What we do

Small & Mid-Sized Business Accounting

Accounting services are not just bookkeeping. We view our role as a partner ready and able to provide guidance and support to help you define and achieve your business goals. Our accountants will take the time to make recommendations for improved efficiencies and processes that translate into improvements to your bottom line. With WGA by your side, you’ll be well positioned to take advantage of the depth and breadth of our full range of accounting services.

Our accounting services include:
  • Financial statements preparation and review
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • General ledger accounting
  • Account reconciliations
  • Fixed asset management
  • Month-end closing
  • Sales tax and payroll tax return preparation
  • Purchase, sale, restructuring
  • Due diligence
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Financial analysis
  • Data entry and analysis
How we do it

flexible solutions for every client

Many clients come to us already comfortable with a process and a software they are using. We don’t force a change if that is not what is desired. We can work with businesses on a monthly or quarterly basis and our goal is to be as non-intrusive as possible.  We work with clients using either traditional desktop software or a cloud based version. We also realize there are deficiencies with certain types of software when it comes to industry specific accounting, so we make sure to keep the best options available. Some of the software providers we work with are:


Business planning looking forward, not backward.

CLoud based and paperless.

No more sending files and paperwork back and forth.

high quality results

We are typically more qualified than in house personnel.


Certified ProAdvisor


Authorized Partner


Certified Advisor

Business accounting, we're all over it.